Grey-skinned and glassy-eyed, these are the aliens you’ll most often see on the silver screen, which is surprising because by most accounts they’re hideous. Greys reproduce via cloning, which is causing them to fade. Their mission on Earth is to create a Grey-human hybrid that can reproduce sexually, and thus perpetuate the existence of their species.


Energy beings from the Andromeda galaxy, these guys are so high up on the cosmic chain of being that they no longer require a physical body. Their food, is nothing less than truth itself. However they’re still not above meddling in our affairs. From their lofty perch aboard a giant invisible mothership somewhere in our stratosphere, the Andromedans stand guard over us Earthlings and do battle with unseen dark forces. 


While they are initially lizard-like in appearance, these creatures employ molecular shape-shifting and laser holograms to take on any form. Add powers of telepathy and invisibility and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. Reptilians “see the Earth as their outpost. They want complete control over it because their planet is becoming unable to support life.” Conspiracy theorist David Icke fears that reptilian humanoids are secretly transforming the Earth into a global fascist state.  


Mantis. Bug people! Giant, super-intelligent bugs from outer space.


The Vinnytvari are a peaceful race. Furthermore, they draw mystical powers from their home planet in the  the Pavo constellation. They seem to enjoy Earth as they have been visitors since 1,000 AD. Furthermore, they do not like to abduct humans nor do they want to interact with humans.


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Alien race Negumak are fairly new to the scene since their first visit in 1989. This insect looking race uses mind control over their human captives. The reason for this is unknown but they certainly don’t come in peace.


The race has been in a state of war with another species for over 2 billion years. Researchers are beginning to wonder if they lost that war, since the Dorsay, haven’t visited Earth since November 2001.s.


While they get their name from their resemblance to Scandinavians, these aliens actually hail from the Pleiades star cluster. Kind-hearted, spiritually advanced creatures, Nordic aliens literally exist on a higher metaphysical dimension than ours. Their mission on Earth is largely that of goodwill. 

Tall Whites

Not that much is known about this group except that they’re tall, white, and crazy about Earth culture. While the elder entities can grow to up to 10 feet, the younger ones actually blend in quite well.


Who knew that the gods of ancient Mesopotamia were actually migrant alien laborers from the lost planet Nibiru? Originally sent to this Earth to mine for gold, the extraterrestrials quickly got sick of their work. Their solution, according to crypto-scholar Zecharia Sitchin, was to crossbreed their DNA with primitive humans and forge a race of slaves. In this manner, many in the UFO community believe, human civilization was born.


The Zeta race has been visiting Earth for along time. Alien researchers say that the Zeta came from constellation NETS. Allegedly, they are the representatives of the Anunnaki race here on Earth.


The Ellina race is often found deep in the forest of germanic countries. They are not known to be harmful but are known for their prank-loving ways. They enjoying scaring us humans and even steal from us occasionally. The last sighting of these guys was in 2001 near Munchen, Germany.


The Alochbata race is pretty impressive. Allegedly, they have over 5,000 ships and have colonized over 1000 planets. 

The Alochobata are parasites. Do not take them lightly. They frequently abduct humans for reasons unknown to anyone. They secluded themselves and don’t interact with other species. Additionally, they are an aggressive race and are responsible for several airplane crashes throughout the world.


They have an unknown origin, however, they are mostly seen around the pacific Northwest region of the United States.

They seem to take a great interest in our oceans. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, there have been several close calls with these beings crashing into US navy ships. For the most part, Puritave aliens are seen as peaceful and nocturnal. Since 2000, the Puritave’s have disappeared. However, many researchers believe they are still out there.



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