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Terms and Conditions

  1. The  prime aim of this website is to log, record and publish the many potential UFO eye witness accounts and comments we receive on a daily basis. Therefore due to our limited resources and the amount of requests we receive daily we are unable to enter into individual discussions or offer opinions on personal sighting etc.
  2. Please ensure you only submit personal details in the form i.e the name and location that you are happy to be published online.
  3. Your report maybe selected to be included in UFO Sightings Publications Volumes that we publish from time to time. Full names will not be published in these volumes.
  4. Please note that your report will be published online and is likely to be  published on other sites on the worldwide web including YouTube, Facebook & Twitter. Once a sighting  report is online it is not feasible to remove it from the internet. Please do not submit your report if you are not happy to proceed on this basis.
  5. ‘I, , UNDERSTAND that by posting my report, pictures, audio, or video (media) files to this website, I am granting The Past and Beyond, its agents, employees, and assigns, permission to the same or any part of said media for any purpose UK-UFO deems necessary and/or appropriate, including, but not limited to, the following: (1) television broadcast; (2) radio broadcast; (3) internet broadcast and/or distribution including YouTube; (4) press releases; (5) website use or promotion; (6) photo of the week; (7) print media; and, (8) any other lawful use of said media which The Past and Beyond sees fit. I hereby waive and release any claims or actions against The Past and Beyond for use of said media and agree to hold The Past and Beyond harmless for any injury or harm resulting or arising from any use by The Past and Beyond of said media. I further certify that I am the author/owner of the submitted media and that I am 18 years of age or older.’

By typing or Signing my name below, I agree to the foregoing and confirm my electronic signature to this report  / multimedia release.

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